XYZ Artist Showcase: Fog Series

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XYZ Artist Showcase: Fog Series

February 22, 2016

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The XYZ Artist Showcase is a monthly feature highlighting our employees' special talents and passion projects. February's featured artist is Eric Herrmann, from our San Francisco studio.

"Every so often, San Francisco is covered in a disorienting and mesmerizing layer of incredibly dense fog. I love those days. Yet, I never know when they will come or how long they will last. I’ve been slowly working on a series of images that captures these eerily beautiful days. It is one of the more frustrating set of images I’ve tried to capture — mostly because I cannot control it. Some days, I’m ready and waiting, yet there is no fog. Other days, I’m rushing from home to work, the fog and the light are perfect, but I have no time and no camera. These images require equipment that does not lend itself to spontaneity, yet the moments they capture are impossible to plan for.

I hope the increase of wet weather this winter leads to far more opportunities to add to this series — each time I walk away with one of these images, I’m reminded of why I love photography so much in the first place."