XYZ Artist Showcase: The Gritty Side of Life

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XYZ Artist Showcase: The Gritty Side of Life

May 28, 2015

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The XYZ Artist Showcase is a monthly feature highlighting our employees' special talents and passion projects. May's featured artist is Brett Lasota, from our San Francisco studio.

My art is a relaxing get away from the daily grind that sometimes life seems to offer.

My inspiration can come from a number of different places. It might be a location purely in my head, that i want to create and share with others. Quite often it's an urban environment or alternative lifestyle that is filled with grit and grime. Other times it may be a place, scene or family memory that I've experienced and want to re create.

I've worked with many mediums but currently enjoy working with pen and ink and watercolor, either on their own or used together.  Most of my work is spun from my imagination. I will use books, personal photographs and online references to visualize what a particular object or how the body moves in a certain pose.

This group of art is the gritty side of life that I thoroughly enjoy creating. There can never be enough detail or too busy a composition, I want to look at it and see something different each time.