XYZ's star players show their Sharks pride

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XYZ's star players show their Sharks pride

September 23, 2016

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It’s not often you see retouchers, photographers, and QC operators on billboards alongside sports stars, but we think they deserve to be celebrated.

The team’s new agency of record, Division of Labor, asked XYZ to collaborate on their first OOH campaign. The “Shark for Life” campaign celebrates not only players, but their loyal supporters, too.

Who better to play the part of the fans than the Sharks lovers on the XYZ and DoL staffs? (Featured here are retoucher Abby Sherman, QC operator Ed Garvey, and photographer Eric Herrmann.)

We shot the images in our SF studio, and retouched them to fit in with the NHL-supplied player images.

The work is on display now in and around San Jose. Keep an eye out for some of XYZ’s star players!