we are


the production studio that thinks.

3 studios, 2 shifts, 1 family.

craftsmen that understand your brand.

75 employees strong, and counting.

one Abby or Steve away from using last names.

Steve Waterloo

Founder/ CEO

Sean McGlynn


Sheryl Roman


J Walton

Creative Director

Lauren Lambertson

Project Manager

Charlene Wang

3D Artist

Charlie Boyle

Vice President, Account Management

Katrina Gallegos

Retouch Artist

Mike Hebson


J Walton

Creative Director

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You’re a doer. And a thinker. And you’re looking for a place where you can be both. Unlike a lot of places, we don’t silo people. We’re big on sharing ideas and learning from one another’s craft. And no matter what your title is, if you’re good at something (or want to work hard to get there) you can do it here.

We are more family than corporate. And that’s intentional. We work hard to hire the right people and keep them engaged. And it’s working – a lot of the folks that helped open the doors in 2001 are still here and loving it. Maybe it’s Yoga Thursdays, or the management style, or the benefits package. But really, for most of us, the formula is pretty simple: the company was founded by good people who have always surrounded themselves with other good people.

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Trust us, we’d rather work with someone more than once, too. And not play the weird game of I-know-I-booked-you-but-ummmmm or hurry-up-and-wait that happens too much in the freelancing world.

We prefer a less transactional relationship, and like to keep our freelancers updated on a regular basis about what we’re up to and where they can help.

Join our freelance network, and you’ll be among the first to hear about new projects, and find out about cool stuff we’ve just finished.

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